Dec. 29th, 2011

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I've been doing things that aren't posting to blogs of late. This isn't a great surprise to me, mostly because my focus has been quite inward and not outward, and not even inward in an outward kind of way. But I think I'm moving back into the real world, looking at things I have to do (sort out financey stuff, sort out housey stuff) and taking some notice of what's happening out there. Not that any of it's profound or essential to the continuation of the species, but it's little steps that are worthwhile to me.

Anyhoo, my conclusions about the year that's just gone are forming, and the first one is that I've bought two pieces of tech that have been really, really worth it. The first was my Samsung tablet, which was exactly what I needed, when I needed it, and has continued to be extremely useful. And the second (more surprising) was my xbox with kinect, because it surprised me with what it could do (not just help me jump around like an idiot), and I'm absolutely going to make the most of the jumping aroundness of it and also the media centre functionality of it when it's installed in its new home in the newly converted garage (which itself will only be a few more weeks in the making). Tech is fun.

I have more conclusions, but musing will continue.


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