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Me: Hang on, I recognise that noise. But why is it so much louder?
Cats: miaow!
Me: You know, I set my alarm. It usually works. I don't need all of this encouragement to get out of bed.
Cats: Lookee! New toy!
Me: [opens bedroom window, steps back to let the bird fly out at high speed]  When I said on Monday that birds live outside, I wasn't just talking about the sparrows. All birds live outside, including blackbirds.
Cats: ...
Me: [changes sheets that blackbird crapped on, feeling grateful it didn't crap on me]

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Step 1: ignore alarm clock as long as possible
Step 2: wonder what that noise is I don't recognise
Step 3: work out what that noise is
Step 4: get out of bed in search of the noise
Step 5: find key to open window
Step 6: open window and let the sparrow out that's been flapping its wings against the glass
Step 7: explain, yet again, to the cat that birds live outside
Step 8: breakfast
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I know, anyone who reads this journal must think sorting out my house is like some kind of second career. But still, I'm making progress in small steps, and considering it probably took around 15 years to get into this position, taking months and months to get out of it is pretty good.

Today was clearing out of space in the garage. This was space to clear so that I could get at the stacks of storage boxes and the shelves, not so that I could actually get into those boxes and sort them - box sorting upstairs is a priority. So, ticky for that.

Next is burning yet more papers, but the sky has just opened. The rainfall radar is telling me it's just a shower so I'll give it five minutes and then head out. I also have upstairs boxes to sort, but I need empty boxes first for that task so that I have places to throw things while sorting: keep; burn; throw out; undecided. See, there is some kind of method in there somewhere.

Tomorrow is painting, I think. I have to finish off the hall (edges and second coat, plus woodwork) and also the last bits in the kitchen (I know, should've done that last year). Just the garage door / doorway and the windowsill to do in there and it's all finished.

In other news, the birds are going through my bird seed a massive rate. At the moment there's a swarm of sparrows out there, about 20 of them. Usually I only get swarmed by starlings, which turned up on Thursday afternoon just after I'd refilled the table and ate the lot in about 3 minutes. Quite astonishing. I've discovered I can order direct from the RSPB, though, so have a huge bag of sunflower hearts arriving next week. Should last me a few weeks at least, but the local birds really do seem to have voracious appetites.

ETA: one hour later and I'm most of one box of papers down, only three to go. Paper takes a buggering age to burn properly! Am all hot, smokey and stinky. Blech. More of that tomorrow, I guess. Time for a tea break and then upstairs boxes. Target of 2 boxes properly sorted today.

The birds

Jan. 6th, 2010 01:06 pm
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I just went out to clear the snow off the bird table and the water dish. I hadn't seen many birds in the garden at all, but figured I should do it anyway. I'd barely got four feet away when the robin was there, followed by a dove who'd apparently both been waiting impatiently for me to do something. I've put out all seed I have left, so we're down to bread next time. If I can get into town at the weekend I'll pick up a stack more seed for them.

There's about 9 inches of snow here, and it's still snowing. Apparently there's likely to be one more dump of heavy snow this afternoon and then that's it until... well, tomorrow, if you believe the BBC, the day after if you believe the Met Office, and frankly I've kind of given up. What everyone agrees on is it's going to be well below freezing tonight and tomorrow, and will stay below for quite a few days (probably a couple of weeks). The snow isn't going anywhere, but it will be freezing solid. Delightful.


Feb. 9th, 2009 03:18 pm
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The woodpecker came back today, and I got a less fuzzy picture so here it is. It's raining today, so still not perfect, but at least I can see he's coming to the garden fairly regularly. In other news, I've spent most of today on the phone so it's been less than productive. ETA: Well, since LJ is completely up the spout and won't let me post a picture (let alone include paragraph breaks!), here's a link instead: Woodpecker in the rain
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No trains, no buses, no anything really. I hadn't thought that even before I could laugh about driving the car down the really dangerous roads I'd have to laugh about digging the car out. So, unsurprisingly I'm working from home today. Cats have been out and deemed it cold and a bit weird, and they'd rather stay in, thanks all the same. I've been out and swept the snow off the bird feeders and little bird table and dumped a whole load of seed out for them. Not much to be done about the water dish, which is completely frozen. As it's still snowing I may need to do that process again later - have left my boots at the back door in readiness.


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