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Ow! One step forward, all steps taken so far back. Drugs and hot water bottles no longer helping. *is grumpy*

In other news, SGU has apparently added to the many appalling, ill-considered, sometimes horrendous storylines these writers have created in past Stargate incarnations and gone for insulting disabled people, gay people, and pretty much anyone with a brain. There really isn't anything about that show that's going to be worth even changing the channel. Blech.
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According to a news report today, swine flu cases are doubling every day in the UK. Another quote (same article) was that by the end of August there will be 100,000 new cases every day. If both those are true and continue to be true then by 12th September every single person in the UK will have contracted the flu. Thanks for the advance notice - I'll try to book my holiday around that since I don't want to be ill when I finally have time off.
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We've been hearing all kinds of stuff in the news about the swine flu pandemic, and how it's contagious and how people need to be quarantined if they have it. Er, sure, okay. But let's say, for example, I get it. I don't know I have it. I feel a bit crap, but like usual that doesn't stop me going to work because if you didn't go to work every day you felt a bit crap you'd never get anything done. But I digress... So, there I am on the tube. I'm not well, I'm breathing my swine flu germs all over many people while crammed in, while threading my way through the crowded underground stations and roads, while at work, while getting snacks and lunch, and while on the way home. Why don't all those people then get sick? All those terrorist studies say the best way to spread a virus is by releasing it on a tube train or at a hub airport. That's surely happened (it's around the world) but we're counting cases in hundreds not hundreds of thousands.

So what is it about this virus that we're not being told?
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I'm sure you think it's absolutely frickin' hilarious to give me a ridiculously out-of-season cold *and* a days-long dodgy stomach. I'm not amused. At all. The only thing that's keeping me from exacting my righteous revenge is the fact that I've managed to wangle a week of working from home. Oh, and that I wouldn't know where to target said revenge.

Seriously, though, to get through a day of phone calls I really need to be able to stay away from the toilet and / or the tissue box for more than five minutes.

No love at all,
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Excellent! If only every day could be that, so we wouldn't have to put up with all the bollocks and instead could focus on health, that would be great. To celebrate, I'm going to bed. It's been a very long day indeed.


Oct. 2nd, 2008 12:09 pm
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I do a lot of stairs in an average day. There are car park stairs, station stairs, more station stairs, work stairs, home stairs. When I say lots, work journeys are probably a dozen flights each way, and it's four flights up and down each time I leave my desk to get tea, lunch, go to a meeting, etc. What I'm not pleased with is that this week on the way home I've been a bit out of breath on the final leg - the last set of stairs I need to do to get back home from work. It's like my body has just given in and decided that there's no more required of it because I'm sitting on a train and relaxing, and so the last flights are a challenge. This isn't making me a happy bunny. How to fix this? Do yet more stairs, I suppose. *sigh*


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