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Or is it just me? The rest of the web seems okay.

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Where will I find fic now? I do manage to find some via LJ, and there's a few archives still going, but honestly the vast majority of decent fic out there I don't seem to be able to find without the help of delicious tags.

There's so much Yahoo could do to make it a money-making service, but instead they're just being gits and ignoring all the users. Would I pay to use it? Yep. That's what micro payments are all about.

More info:
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How long is too long when it comes to waiting for a webpage to load? Clearly it's proportional to how much you want to see what's on the page, be it an article, video, fic, whatever. Are there any other factors at all? *ponders*

This post was brought to you in the time I'm spending waiting and waiting and waiting for to do anything other than spin around and around saying it's loading.
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I'd like an ignore function for the internet. I could gradually add to a list of things I'd never like to see on the internet, and my browser would simply filter them out. Today's addition: Ricky Gervais. Life would be so much more pleasant.
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I wanted to combine music and video in a single playlist, but my video was being read as films by iTunes. The first hit on google was an instructional video about how to change the format of a video so that iTunes treats it as a music video instead and therefore will happily combine those videos in with a music playlist. Done! Happy bunny now. I'm going to bed with my music.
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Well, at least a bit of the internet is broken. Two bits. They're both bits I want to use. I think that deserves a pout.
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Over the weekend I got quite interested in this twitter trending phenomenon, mostly due to the #amazonfail stuff. But [ profile] carlinjona mentioned a woman singing on UK's Got Talent (or whatever it's called) over the weekend so I searched out YouTube (it's here if you want to see) where over 2.5 million people had been ahead of me. I popped into twitter to see how the amazon thing was turning out, and... there is Susan Boyle (the above-mentioned singer), trending in 3rd place on twitter. The internet is absolutely intriguing me at the moment.


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