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I'm really pleased for her for winning. (this is the Nancy competition, if anyone's confused)

Cameron was obviously not pleased at all, which made me quite amused. Both he and ALW had been trying to slant the vote all evening, going on and on about how Jessie was some kind of prodigy. Sadly she was a prodigy who I needed to fast forward a lot of the time because of the sound she was making. Still, this is the public vote and it's who the public want to go and see in the show. At some point I'll be buying a ticket to this one and probably taking the family along.


May. 24th, 2008 08:08 pm
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We're down to the final four, and I've at last figured out which one is which - go me!


Rachel shouted a lot this evening. It wasn't her choice of songs, because I've heard both Cabaret and Buenos Aires sung many times by many people and none of them seemed to have the urge to yell. I had to turn the telly down. Jessie's just not strong enough and whines too much - no thanks. Samantha was quite good this week, and though it wasn't a song I'd heard she pulled it off. I completely disagree with the idea that Nancy needs to be someone men fancy, though (Denise, denigrate men's intelligence, much?). Is there no room for someone both men and women can relate to as a person? Oy. Jodie made me a bit weepy, I confess, and she'd have no trouble at all pulling off that trick on stage. I voted this evening for the first time.

It's a shame that Kwayedza didn't make it through to the Oliver role as he always stood out for me. Still, the ones they have seem to be good.

Will be very interested to see what happens tomorrow evening. One thing I was wondering - out of the four Nancies that remain, have all of them been in the bottom two at some point? Anyone know?
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There are a couple of teenagers still in the latest West End competition on the BBC, and one of them acts so very much like a teenager who wants to be treated like a grown-up, damnit! that it makes me laugh at times. Last night there was this huge deal made of how Niamh had been told she's frail, and she was determined to prove that she's strong. She went and played around with a couple of Rugby chaps, during the week and picked 'Don't Speak' as her song. I can only presume she's only ever heard it, not seen it sung. Her impression of being 'strong' was the epitome of the whiny teenager not wanting to hear bad stuff in case it then became real, rather than of an adult being clear on not being at all interested in what an ex-love had to say because they were strong enough to not give a damn. Both the singing and the acting were 100% teenager, and it beggared belief. That must have been blindingly obvious to any adult who was working with her throughout rehearsals - did nobody bother to mention it?

I'll see what happens this evening and who stays / who goes. At the moment there is only one of the five I'd be interested in seeing on stage and the rest would actively keep me away.
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For those who have better things to do with their time, 'Nancy' in this case is the latest hunt-for-a-west-end-star show on Saturday evenings. John Barrowman is one of the judges and Andrew Lloyd Webber is the overall 'she stays, she goes' judge. Yesterday's results show had ALW going quite bonkers, saying he was really angry, and having axed one of the bottom two (the one who definitely was the worst and has been one of the worst for weeks) he stormed off the set. Obviously whatever he was seeing wasn't getting through to the general public. If the public heard what I was hearing then they just weren't impressed by the number of notes missed, and the acting skills were fairly non-existant (at least, in the live shows - no idea what was going on behind-the-scenes).

Reports today are saying ALW was really angry and telling everyone how angry he was in the bar after the show. Very peculiar. I just don't see it, I truly don't. If one of the good Nancys had gone then maybe I'd see what his problem was.


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