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Before: with two tabs open in Firefox and with one instance of file manager, I was running at 80% RAM use.
After upgrade from 1Gb to 2Gb: three tabs in Firefox, file manager and iTunes open, and it's only 53%. *happy sigh*

Things are running much smoother on the netbook, and hopefully that irritating interference I was getting with music will now go away because there's enough memory to deal with all the things I do at once.

Dear world

Jan. 19th, 2011 05:09 pm
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Thank you for reminding me of the frailty and ephemeral nature of material things. It's a lesson I haven't had for at least a week, so was keen to be retaught. The man from British Gas (TMFBG) will be inspecting my boiler tomorrow morning, and hopefully at that point will bring back my heating. If I'm lucky, it will only drop to freezing outside overnight and not go below that. If I'm even luckier, my house will not succumb completely to the laws of thermodynamics and I will retain some level of warmth in here. If I'm unluckly, TMFBG will tell me my boiler is buggered and needs to be replaced (and considering the peculiar noises it's been making for a day or so now, that's likely). If I'm unlucky, a new boiler will cost me thousands. If I'm lucky, someone will be able to fit said new boiler before the weekend when I will have a houseful of guests...


Also, am writing this offline as still have buggered router. New router arrived while I was at work and I haven't had time to go and collect it yet. Only working network connection is being used by new netbook running its windows upgrade that claimed it would take TEN FRIGGING MINUTES! Two hours later, it's still going.

No, I'm not at all cranky.
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I've had my wee laptop for a long time now (4 years? more?) and it was a right little cracker when I got it. It was also damn expensive, being that it was a convertible tablet. Still, its specs are pretty low compared to current netbooks, and for what I want to do I want something that's responsive, light and has excellent battery life. I think I'm going to go for an Asus 1015PE, which I'll need to upgrade to 2GB of ram and put a clean install of win7 home premium on it (seriously, what is all this nonsense about these netbooks getting win7 starter?). That should give me something nice and snappy, without all the bloat that comes with the original install.

I'm giving myself a week to think about it, then I'll put the order in with Amazon. Probably. News from CES might change my mind...


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