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Jan. 19th, 2011 05:09 pm
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Thank you for reminding me of the frailty and ephemeral nature of material things. It's a lesson I haven't had for at least a week, so was keen to be retaught. The man from British Gas (TMFBG) will be inspecting my boiler tomorrow morning, and hopefully at that point will bring back my heating. If I'm lucky, it will only drop to freezing outside overnight and not go below that. If I'm even luckier, my house will not succumb completely to the laws of thermodynamics and I will retain some level of warmth in here. If I'm unluckly, TMFBG will tell me my boiler is buggered and needs to be replaced (and considering the peculiar noises it's been making for a day or so now, that's likely). If I'm unlucky, a new boiler will cost me thousands. If I'm lucky, someone will be able to fit said new boiler before the weekend when I will have a houseful of guests...


Also, am writing this offline as still have buggered router. New router arrived while I was at work and I haven't had time to go and collect it yet. Only working network connection is being used by new netbook running its windows upgrade that claimed it would take TEN FRIGGING MINUTES! Two hours later, it's still going.

No, I'm not at all cranky.
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I'm watching University Challenge, which for non-UKers is a quiz show with difficult questions with teams from various universities. One of the questions today included a word for "a woman who seduces men" and between the two teams they came up with "whore" and "tramp". Charming. The real answer of "vamp" wasn't exactly delightful, either, but good grief - what the hell kind of upbringing have all these people had that they can't see a woman who's after a date or (heaven forfend) sex as someone merely deserving the title of "woman"?
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Things struck off the list:
  • Caprica - I watched two episodes, so I gave it a decent shot, but it generally bored me
  • How Earth Made Us, which was a BBC or ITV or C4 thing about the impact of certain Earthy things on the development of people. It was made for kids, I think.
  • Extreme Universe on Nat Geo, which I think was made for idiots. I lasted about five minutes.
  • Mock The Week. I'd stopped watching last year because I couldn't take the really obnoxious bloke, but he left so I started watching the new series. The last ep was just another collection of mean people taking the piss out of people who aren't "like them", at which point I realised the true awfulness of the obnoxious bloke had been masking the fact that none of the others seemed capable of humour which didn't depend on laughing at people who are old / ugly / fat / women / blah blah blah. Don't need that in my life.
Balanced on a knife edge:
  • I think Brothers and Sisters is about to be struck off, too. An entire season of Kitty's cancer I can do without, and a lot of the other characters irritate me. My attempt at watching soap isn't working. And then there's Grey's Anatomy, with the never-ending Izzie drama. Oy.
  • Law and Order UK is still full of shitty writing.
But I still like NCIS, Glee, The Good Wife (growing on me), Leverage, Numbers. Criminal Minds is on again at the weekend, and SPN S5 starts here next week. Unfortunately none of that is Brit stuff. Seriously, what the heck has happened to our telly?
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For those outside the UK who haven't heard, there's a party in the UK called the BNP, whose leader is Nick Griffin. Everyone has their own views on the BNP, but let's say they talk a lot about keeping Britain 'safe' from immigrants, keeping Britain for its 'indigenous population' (i.e. white), and they're against gay rights, women's rights, and human rights for quite a lot of people.

Nick Griffin was on the BBC's big political and current affairs programme last night. There were protests outside the BBC on the night, various people have spoken up against it during the week leading up to the programme, and there's generally been a lot of outrage about the BBC letting him appear. The thing is, sure, he's clearly a racist, clearly a bigot in many ways, but he's also been elected to parliament by the people of this country. In a democracy, we have elected representatives, and however much the people who didn't vote for them think they're arses, they still have the rights afforded to all elected representatives. I'd rather never hear from Gordon bloody Brown again, but both he and Nick Griffin are MPs and are therefore equally allowed to speak.

Out of all of this, though, is that most of the comments are from people who say that 'people' (read: 'people who aren't me and who aren't very bright') will be influenced to vote for the BNP because of all the publicity the party is getting. Well, okay, that's the way the world works. If these poor, easily led, unknown 'other people' see something in the BNP they like, then the other parties should damn well sort themselves out and make it clear that actually what they have to offer is better. Quit whining about it. If you don't like where our society is going, then bloody well do something about it. Stop poking at the bigot simply because he's an easy target. Yes, he's a bigot. We get it. And what have you done about our massive debt, huge levels of unemployment, problems in the NHS, the wars we're fighting, the way our armed forces are treated, the bigotry ingrained in UK society against women / LGBT people / disabled people, our use of energy, the way we source our food, how we work with other countries, and on and on? We are not a nation of fools; we can see what's wrong with the country.

Great, well done, government, you've had a week where people were whining about the BNP and the Royal Mail and where you were the good guys. But you're not, you've screwed up, so just get on with fixing things. Enough with the misdirection - it's not big and it's not clever.
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Completely by accident I saw a report about women in Chechnya last night. I think most people should be able to listen to it here: It turns out that women in Chechnya are subject to kidnapping, forced marriage, violence, and being 'disappeared'. Women are treated like things for men to own or discard as they see fit. Women are being murdered if they don't comply with men's wishes. The interviews in the programme, with both men and women, were downright chilling in their matter-of-factness (from the men and even some women) and despair (from the women).

Today I read about an article in Psychology Today written by a complete arse who thinks that women don't need power or agency of their own because any 'reasonably attractive woman' can control men. There's no detail to let a particular women know if she falls under this man's definition of 'reasonably attractive', and there are no guidelines on how those lucky women can exert their control (is it by smiling? pheromones? taking photos of herself and sticking them everywhere? mind control? weapons training only given to the 'reasonably attractive'?). And an awful lot of people, men and women alike, will see nothing wrong with either that article or what's happening in Chechnya.

People talk about something they call 'post-feminism', as if women have everything they could possibly want, now. As if rape isn't used as anything from a method of control, to 'punishment', to terror, to a weapon of war. As if violence against women isn't shrugged off over and over because it doesn't matter, women aren't important. As if girls aren't given the same educational opportunities as boys in vast swathes of the world. But we don't need women, we don't need to talk as if we think women aren't being treated as people, because in some western countries women are even paid 80% of what men are paid. What are women whining about? Why can't they just shut up and be content looking pretty enough to influence men?

I was asked a while ago by a man I worked with (and with no trace of irony) if I would really be okay with it if women were treated preferentially when it came to getting jobs or promotions or pay rises. I laughed. It's moments like that which make me realise attitudes are just not going to change significantly in my lifetime. But, because I'm a contrary female who can say the f-word* without blinking, that won't stop me trying to make a difference in my own ways.

*the f-word is feminism. I swear like a bloody trooper, but for some reason so many people have a bigger problem with me when I call myself a feminist than when I tell them to fuck off. Go figure.
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Conscious and conscience? Not snap.

Tenet and tenant? Also not snap.

Ordnance and ordinance? Not even close to snap.

Dictionaries are our friends, people.
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The way to stop male violence against women is not to teach women different self-esteem strategies, it's to teach men to not be violent arseholes. The way to stop rape of women by men is not to teach women to stop walking down dark alleys at night, it's to teach men to not be rapists.

Seriously. Get a clue.

No love at all,

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Yes, it's true. Just to prove there's absolutely nowhere you can get away from it, sport has invaded the weather forecast. This evening's BBC weather was all about which balls would get wet (tennis, cricket, football, other) tomorrow. This obsession with balls should end.
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If you ring my doorbell at 8pm and ask me for money, you'd better be packing serious weaponry or be equipped with some kind of personal forcefield.

Go away.

No love,
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Apparently there are a bunch of crooks in parliament. With all the lies surrounding around the Iraq war, that's not a big surprise to anyone, I'm sure. But expenses? For fuck's sake. MPs get paid a hell of a lot more than the majority of people who live in the UK, and their *one* job is to look out for the people who live in the UK. What the hell do they think they're playing at fiddling the expenses system? I wish I had the energy to be surprised.

What a bunch of utter arseholes.
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Excellent! If only every day could be that, so we wouldn't have to put up with all the bollocks and instead could focus on health, that would be great. To celebrate, I'm going to bed. It's been a very long day indeed.

Phone spam

Apr. 29th, 2009 01:33 pm
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Just had a call from "Jack from Accident Services" who wanted to "confirm that someone at this number has had an accident".

Yeah, fuck off, person-who-is-in-no-way-called-Jack. I hung up without another word.

Grrr. Am getting grumpier by the day. Good thing I have this grumpy icon to hand.
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A Swedish court has found a torrent website guilty of breaking copyright law. In my view, that's absolutely ridiculous. The website hosted links, didn't copy anything. In fact, other than being a filter for a particular filetype, it's the same as any other search engine. I can find torrent links on via twitter, google, etc. All those media servers that allow people to share files host all kinds of content that would come under someone's definition of illegal. These sites aren't being accused or charged with anything, of course, just the ones created by the end user. Hmm.

What I find ridiculous about all of this is that the companies who brought about this lawsuit (and nobody believes it was the Swedish courts' idea) are run by morons. If you have a company and you refuse to listen to your customers even when they're shouting at you, screaming at you, and demonstrating with their behaviour that how you're doing business is plainly ridiculous, then what's the best idea? Ah yes, criminalise your customers. Not work out how to change your business so that your customers are happy, they buy more of your products and you make a profit. No, that would be silly. Let's not adapt the release of films and television programmes so that consumers are satisfied. Let's not take advantage of new technology to improve availability of our products to the mass markets who are demanding them. Let's not work to create new and better ways to distribute our products now that we have the benefits of digital media that gives us almost limitless options and possibilities. No, let's not be progressive, try to get bigger market share, or make any attempts whatsoever to use what passes for our brains. Let's criminalise the consumers - that's the way forward.

I don't think I've ever encountered another group of companies so determined to put themselves out of business.
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Unbelievable and unimaginable: they do not mean what you think they mean.

If you tell me an offer is unbelievable then I will believe you - you are lying about the offer, so thank you for making me aware of that fact.

If you tell me something is unimaginable you are obviously a moron. You have just made a statement about the thing therefore you have imagined it.

And, while we're at it, something cannot be both new and improved.
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More and more often news and history are being reported as if it's all happening now, in the present. And that noxious habit should be stopped. If something has happened, report it in the past tense. Talking about things as if they're still happening just makes you sound twee and affected. Yes, I'm talking to you, BBC. The poor present tense is being much abused and doesn't deserve it. Let it rest, let it recover from the trauma.
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In every discussion about the recession and who's affected by it, there are always some people who say "No, I'm not affected! I manage my spending and don't buy things on credit I can't afford unlike those irresponsible people who brought the repossession of their house on themselves. *I* live within my means.". Oy.

Some people are very lucky because so far they've managed to keep their jobs and their income, and might even be managing to save. I count myself among those people (though like most people in that situation I'm still worried as more and more jobs go - you can never count yourself safe). Other people are very unlucky and have lost their jobs after having to deal with rising prices and rising taxes for years, and haven't had the opportunity to save for a rainy day. And other people are smug gits. Thankfully the smug gits are the minority. Sadly the unlucky people are an ever growing number.


Jan. 19th, 2009 09:35 pm
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Apparently today's the most depressing day of the year, so says the news. My day? Crappy trains, not enough time to do too much at work, crappy trains, crappy back, crappy pain, more crappy trains, crappy cold. Late dinner. And now? That's another perfectly normal day over and I'm way too tired to be bothered to figure out if I'm depressed or not. Who has the time?
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Calvary and cavalry? Not the same thing at all. Truly.
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BBC News have the full election thing going, with stupid animated maps and graphs, people nobody's ever heard of prattling on just to fill time, cameras in various places in the dark and cold talking to other people nobody's ever heard of, and a timeline for when votes are coming in. Yet I haven't had a polling card, nor notice of a local or general election. It's just... depressing, actually. I have no idea what the BBC and the rest of the UK media have been smoking, but I wish they'd stop.
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Biggest pack of lies ever invented.

Amazing. Two companies lost my business today because they couldn't be arsed to answer the phone.


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