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This kind of thing is always really personal (as in, each person has their own, not as in my deepest, darkest secrets). Still, I've had a few little things that have made a huge difference of late:

- I bought a couple of little thermoses that I use to take a mug full of tea with me on the train in the morning. The difference this makes to my brain and my peace of mind is entirely out of proportion to the scale of the little hot drink, but I'm not asking questions.
- I implemented the concept of a 'doing day' instead of trying to have tasks done every day. This means I don't worry on normal days that there's an endless list of stuff that still needs doing. Today is one such day. Am having a break for tea and t'internet.
- I have a to do list app on my phone that I use when I'm having a 'doing day', so I can tick off absolutely everything I've done - no matter how small - and feel much progress has been made
- Thornton's Viennese truffles. I bought some a few weeks ago and they're scrummylicious to have with tea. I've known that for years, but for some inexplicable reason I keep on forgetting they exist.
- Watched a 17 minute video review of yet another tablet simply to get an itch out of my system that I need one. It's shiny. I don't need one. More importantly, I don't want one. 17 minutes saved me £300 of impulse buying. Huzzah!
- Use of my amazon wishlist. I think I've mentioned this before, but when I want some DVDs or a book or something, I add it to my wishlist. I come back a week later to see if I still want it. Then give it another week. Then sometimes more time. More often than not, stuff just gets deleted from the wishlist.
- Also have created a 'to watch on film rental' wishlist on Amazon - if I have an urge to watch a film and have no idea what, I can check that list out.

Any wee things that work for you, dear flist?
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1) Obama thinks the US relationship with the UK is 'truly special'. Don't we all...

2) The sun has imploded and is sending dangerous magnets to attack us. Or something. But it'll all look very pretty in Scotland.

3) Blokes being asked to shut up and listen to women instead overrun the thread to tell women how to think. Shock news at ten.

4) Pessimism 'stops drugs from working'. Obvious medical study is obvious.

5) Prince launches squirrel. I might have read that one wrong.

Marbles: those itty bitty critters are really hard to hold on to once they start rolling away from you.
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Really? Why, out of all the random mistakes people make did this one make me go, "aw, that's so sweet!"?

The universe, she is a mystery.


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