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This was said with no trace of irony whatsoever on the news this evening, as someone tried to convince the viewing public that a few blokes kicking a ball around was actually of any relevance to anyone at all. Yes, we were indeed taking a break from the reporting of people dying of swine flu, reports of the torture and murder of a couple of students, reports of the rapid spread of the flu, reports of the usual financial disasters, and other natural disasters. Because we needed to know whether someone had kicked a ball in a particular direction without other people getting in the way.

I would love it if people just reported the news on the news. There are whole channels dedicated to sports, and even then many other channels take off what they should be showing to put on yet more sport.

The news is bloody miserable again with all the talk of yet more dead people, but taking precious news time to talk about sport like it matters makes me really grumpy.
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Amazon has decided to 'de-rank' a whole pile of books on its site. What that means, it seems, is that those books are no longer given a ranking so you don't know how popular they are, and significantly also do not appear in search results if you're searching from the main Amazon page. I thought this was a bit bizarre, but have just tested it and it's absolutely right. Amazon have decided that some books are too 'adult' to come back in a search. Sadly, their criteria for 'adult' seem to come down heavily on the side of GLBT-bigotry. Bugger me. I've looked at both and UK and the nonsense looks to be the same on both sides of the channel.

News via #amazonfail on twitter and posts on LJ's meta writer. Thanks to amireal for flagging this.

ETA: #amazonfail is trending now, with tweets coming thick and fast. PR disaster being born in front of our eyes.

ETA2: Googlebombing about to commence in response to Amazon. They really really, really didn't think their actions through. Also, feminist books are being de-ranked too.
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As expected, the trains were up the spout this morning. Wrong kind of shitty weather. Thing is, after a lovely sunny day, they were a massive amount worse tonight. It took me nearly 2 1/2 hours to get home, a delightful 48 minutes of which was spent sitting on the platform waiting for a train. Wrong kind of sun. Or something.

Oy, crappy tube, gimme my money back! Gits.
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So far government departments have lost data on all children under 18 and parents of those children, all learner drivers for several years, various tax records, health records and a whole load more records. The number of people in this country whose personal and financial data isn't out there in some criminal's database is fast approaching zero.

And this is the government which thinks it's a spiffing plan to put everyone's details on yet more utterly insecure government databases and this time charge us for the privilege of handing our data over to criminals. Fan-bloody-tastic.


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