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There's actually very few programmes on these days that I avoid spoilers for. There's Supernatural and, er, hmm... I think that's it? Maybe. It's possibly because I just don't watch that much telly where spoilers would make a difference to me, or perhaps that I don't watch most of that telly very closely - I'm usually doing many other things while the telly is on (like posting to LJ, looking at the internet, cooking, sorting, reading, etc).

Anyhoo, I know new eps in SPN S6 have started again in the US, while here in the UK there's no indication that we'll be getting S6 at all. So I'm waiting and being patient, and very grateful for all those who post their thinky thoughts behind LJ cuts.

And while I'm avoiding the spoilers, I'm apparently getting trojans. Am now running through scan 3 with MSE, have run spybot twice and am installing something else just in case. Because, y'know, paranoid. Or determined to be safe.
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Work continued on two of my luxuries today. My bathroom is currently a disaster. Everything's been ripped out and most of the tiles are off the walls. I didn't realise quite how much I rely on my bath for its relaxing and regenerating properties until just now, when I remembered I can't just wander upstairs and wallow. Oh noes!

T'other luxury which I updated was the mobile. There was another Android update last week, which I downloaded but hadn't got around to installing because I wanted to be sure I'd done a backup first. Ran the update today, and so far things are fine, some things better than fine (the email problem that was introduced with the last update has been fixed), and some things I've yet to assess (reports are that power management is improved, for example). I'll see. I really like this phone and its capabilities.

Also, apparently the Supernatural boys have been voted onto the cover of the US TV Guide magazine. I remember this being a BigDeal(tm) when Jack'n'Daniel were on the cover. I'm guessing it's still a BigDeal(tm) these days? The boys seemed very pleased, anyhoo. Though, whoever was let loose on photoshop should be fired.
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I don't want to watch any more Supernatural until things change. I've seen reactions to Friday's episode and they haven't made me happy (and when I say reactions, I mean what people put outside their LJ cuts and the moods that are attached to those posts).
This is going behind a cut because it's kinda spoilery for anyone who hasn't seen any of S6. )

SPN 602

Oct. 3rd, 2010 06:50 pm
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All behind a cut.

Snippety snip. )
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So. I'm guessing those in the world of SPN have heard about Jensen Ackles' comments. Er, has fandom gone a bit nuts?

I've seen about a paragraph on this by accident, so I don't really want to know any more (spoilers, y'know), but I'm also not going near F_W in case it's all gone a bit bonkers. 


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