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1) Obama thinks the US relationship with the UK is 'truly special'. Don't we all...

2) The sun has imploded and is sending dangerous magnets to attack us. Or something. But it'll all look very pretty in Scotland.

3) Blokes being asked to shut up and listen to women instead overrun the thread to tell women how to think. Shock news at ten.

4) Pessimism 'stops drugs from working'. Obvious medical study is obvious.

5) Prince launches squirrel. I might have read that one wrong.

Marbles: those itty bitty critters are really hard to hold on to once they start rolling away from you.

Dear world

May. 5th, 2010 06:22 pm
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The past tense of 'lead' is 'led'.

Yes, really.

No, I'm not kidding.
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Thank you for making it not matter a jot that I stayed in bed until after 2 today and didn't do anything on my to do list. I appreciate that. I'm going to have a nice hot bath, now, and then snuggle into crisp clean sheets.

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A quick question. When someone talks about 86ing something, meaning it's ending, where does that come from?

Thanks awfully,

A mystified Brit
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I know what life looks like when I ignore my to do list, my should do list, my must do list and my could do list. I don't have any idea what it looks like when there aren't at least a dozen things that I could point at and say 'I really should be doing that right now but I'm too tired / fed up / sore / grumpy / can't be arsed'. Are there adults out there who can answer that question?

Am taking the night off from stuff that I should be doing and only doing the stuff that has to get done. That's something, I think.

ETA: No, LJ spellcheck, "can't be parsed" really isn't what I'm trying to say. Thanks awfully for the suggestion, though.


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