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Well, that was a really good way to make me not care at all what happens on Friday. Quite the achievement.
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The plot thickens. Although, to be fair, not by much. Some good stuff going on today, but very little advancement of anything either plotwise or characterwise. Still, that's the third night in a row I've watched the telly and not been distracted by other things. My laptop turned itself off because it was bored of waiting for me to be interested in it.

One key thing, though: Ianto is adorable.
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Oooh. Again. Good stuff. Some ickiness, but good stuff. This is serious drama with a TW twist. Am waiting for certain things to be explained because some behaviour seems unutterably dumb - presuming there will be explanations. But again I love the down-to-earth stuff thrown in the middle of all this action and scifi and intrigue.
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Oooh. That was good. Really good. I've had no spoilers so there were some excellent surprises in there. Intriguing plot threads, some great supporting characters, I love Rhys so hope there's more of him to come, love Jack and Ianto, it's all very grounded as TW always is while being completely sci fi. Worth waiting for. Hope it carries on at this level through the week.

For me it's been the first really relaxing evening in a while. I had an early bath then slouched around in my bathrobe for ages, making dinner, checking fic, then to bed to watch telly. It might not sound a lot but I feel less stressed than I have in weeks.

Thanks, BBC

Feb. 6th, 2009 01:20 pm
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It's nice to hear that it's definitely stopped snowing. Maybe I should warn them that a volcano must have erupted nearby as there's this white stuff coming from the sky.

Working from home today, unsurprisingly. Now to investigate what's for lunch. I'm very pleased I went out for supplies yesterday.

Also? Thanks, BBC, on the good side - Torchwood trailer! Woo hoo! Still no idea when it'll be shown.


Mar. 22nd, 2008 04:50 pm
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I've been mostly underwhelmed by Torchwood this year, which has been sad because I wanted it to be great. Then I recorded the two eps on last night and watched them today. Oh wow. This morning I watched the one about the rift and had to stop after that. This afternoon I've watched the one about the past. Finally, some excellent writing and some great insights!

And then there's the preview for the next ep (which I'm assuming is the last one of the current series). Erk!


Feb. 29th, 2008 08:39 pm
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I knew it was too good to be true. Ho hum.
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Behind a cut to protect the unwary.

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