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I posted a couple of weeks ago that I'd taken some videos at a gig I'd been to, and that I'd since created my own YouTube account at the urging of dear Ankh (who basically bugged me a lot) to post said videos. So far, so simple. So then:

1) I tweeted that I'd posted these videos. A few were of a Steve Carlson gig, and a few of a Christian Kane (and others) gig, both in pubs in London.
2) Other people saw the videos, and tweeted them.
3) A couple of days ago, I saw the hit count triple overnight, and I was a bit bemused. Turns out Christian Kane tweeted one of the videos
4) Then he posted on his Facebook
5) Then a country music station posted about how this video had 'recently surfaced. Er, no, nothing that laws-of-physics-defying - I just posted it on YouTube like any other person.

As of this evening, one particular video I posted has 4,636 views, over 300 comments on various sites, and who knows how many likes across the sites.

As I said, I'm a bit bemused. And I blame Ankh. This is not the world I live in.

Still, if anyone wants to see the video that's set all these people a-flutter, it's here:
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I don't exactly do much video editing, and so far I've used Windows Movie Maker, which is very basic but generally does the job. There are some key issues I have with it, though, which is the lack of control over output (always 4:3, can't decide on frame rate, can't decide on format e.g. avi vs wmv vs ipod, etc) and lack of detailed control over sound / picture / matching up.

I know you folks out there do video editing. I don't mind paying money for it, though I'm not talking a lot of money here. What do you use, and would you recommend it?



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