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Well, I have installed various apps that I use most often. Am also downloading OpenOffice to see if it's any good. As an additional speed gain, I'm using a 2gig SD card as a ReadyBoost option. For anyone not aware, Vista and Win7 allow you to plug in a card or USB stick and use as system memory. Flash memory is faster at reading / writing for certain kinds of activities than the built-in system memory. So now I effectively have 4gig of RAM, and it does seem to be making a difference - apps launch faster, close faster and generally run faster. Seems like a good idea, particularly as upgrading the processor is a step beyond me. I did need to install another driver to get the SD card slot to work, but that was easy to find so no problem.

I haven't tried Windows Journal yet, nor handwriting capability, nor other touch things. My wee laptop is not multi-touch enabled so none of that, but the inking and general pen functionality should be much, much better than XP (esp as I didn't have XP tablet previously!).

I like the layout and functions of Win7. It's generally faster than Vista, and faster than XP was on my wee laptop. There are improvements in usability that I'm already fond of. If you're using Vista and have no issues with it, however, then I don't see a point in changing for use function improvements.
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8:50pm: Start
8:51pm: Stop to reconnect internet
8:54pm: Start again
8:55pm: Download installation updates
8:54pm: Installation restarts
What kind of installation? Upgrade... and we're off
"Your computer will restart several times during installation" - oh fabulous
Watching the progress meter - this could take a while.
Forgot to back up!!!!
Just kidding.
9:08pm: First reboot (hasn't yet deleted my wallpaper as it shut down, bootup still XP though weirdy options list that didn't stick around long enough to know what it was asking)
9:10pm: Now actually says it's "Installing Windows"
9:11pm: Expanding Windows files...
9:25pm: Installing features
9:26pm: Installing updates (apparently there weren't many 'features'!)
9:26pm: Second reboot (my wallpaper is gone! Interestingly, the laptop manufacturer's splash screen is still there)
9:27pm: Updating registry settings
9:28pm: Setup is starting services
9:28pm: Completing installation...
9:40pm: Third reboot
9:41pm: Setup is preparing your computer for first use ... woo hoo!
9:42pm: Tell us your country
9:45pm: Type your windows product key... hit next and... get the Vista squirly circle of doom! That hasn't changed, then.
9:46pm: Sort your internet connection and put in the key - failed!
9:48pm: Fourth reboot - setup will continue after restarting your computer
9:49pm: Setup is preparing your computer for first use ... er, haven't we been here before?
9:51pm: Preparing your desktop (with accompanying vista squirly circle of doom)
9:53pm: We have a really empty windows desktop! Huzzah!

First impressions. Well, the wee laptop doesn't meet Win7's official minimum requirements as it only has an 800MHz processor where 1gig is the minimum recommended, though it has 2gig of RAM which is good. Bizarrely, this appears to be running faster than the previous Win XP install. I realise it's a brand new shiny clean install and will therefore slow down as I load stuff on it, but... that's lovely for the moment. Am now going to install a tonne of stuff, and put my files back.

ETA: (second attempt, which is more than a little freaky)... the install decided unilaterally it was going to back up files it deemed to be important and save them in a windows.old directory. That's 75gig of files, mind you. I have no chuffing space! Am sorting that out next. Yikes!

It's here!

Oct. 21st, 2009 11:48 am
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And a day early.

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Just had a notification that my copy of Win7 is on its way, along with a 4Gb SD card to sit in the SD slot of my wee laptop so that it can use it as extra memory. Marvellous. And also? It's been sent via something that isn't Royal Mail so it has a chance of actually getting here this century.


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