Feb. 18th, 2012

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I've been rewatching Fringe S1 because it was showing on Sky 1 this month. I (apparently naively) thought it would carry on into S2 and S3, but that doesn't look like it'll be the case. I tried watching Fringe when it was first out but it irritated me immensely, but this time around I'm liking it a lot better. So about the last third of the episodes of S1 has been new to me.

When I discovered S2 wasn't following on from S1 on Sky I went to Amazon assuming the DVDs would be nice and cheap. Yikes, was I wrong!

I guess it'll be a long wait to find out what happens next. Ah well, I have new Army Wives and White Collar and Leverage and Friday Night LIghts to keep me going for the moment (hurrah for cheap DVDs!) and I guess Sky will show the rest of Fringe eventually.  Why now, though, when I'd come to rely on these damn satellite channels and cable channels being overloaded with repeats of repeats of repeats, with any programme being shown multiple times over the years, and if they showed one series they'd just keep going once a day until all 95 years of it had been show, then start all over again.

Watched a couple of S2 eps of White Collar last night and it's getting quite exciting and angsty, so that's good telly. Army Wives is this overwhelming load of melodrama that's like the Hallmark version of Eastenders made in the US, and oddly good to watch while on the bike. Friday Night Lights kind of defies classification, but is compelling drama (if you can say such a thing about a bunch of teenagers who are fascinated by American football).
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In principle, email is really simple. Until, that is, you try to read it on or send it from a device that isn't a laptop. Sure, it should still be simple, but it's been a pain in the proverbial for me for months. I don't want to have to use a different email address. I *like* my email address. But due to Vodafone's faffing about with their email smtp servers I've now given up on them and am playing with google instead. My virgin email is coming to my phone through a convoluted path via gmail. Gmail have a setup where I can get my mail, send it to whatever device, and whoever I send mail to will be able to reply as if it came from my real email address. This is a good thing. At frigging last. But the amount of time you have to spend googling for answers for what should be really simple stuff is getting beyond a joke. I guess, at least we have search engines these days, so that's something.

What's odd, though, is that virgin's been faffing with their servers, too, and so the previously annoying thing where they automatically send me a copy of every mail I send (even though I'm not cc'ed on the mail) has turned out to be less annoying. Now, that random doubling up means that it also sends me the email I sent from my phone, just because it exists. Weird, but helpful, no need to cc myself to make sure I have a record on Outlook.


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