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Okay, yes, I've been sucked into Supernatural fic. For those who were convinced they'd get me to watch the show despite all my protestations, you were right. I'm about halfway through S4 now, with not that many episodes to go until I have to wait for new stuff along with everyone else. So I've been reading fic as well to add to the fun. If anyone reads H/C or whumping, and isn't averse to Dean / Castiel slash then visit Strange and Charm's LJ here: It's certainly not all slash, but it's pretty much all H/C, and it's good writing. Plus there's a post about people who love to whump characters ( and lots of people confess Daniel Jackson made them do it. Heh.

I'm just learning my way around (well, okay, discovering by accident) the world of Supernatural fic. Any recs would be good. I'll post more as I find stuff I like.
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Crossover fic rec. This one kept me up until after 3am reading, and I've been a bit of a zombie today, but at least I can blame Kikki for it.

Supernatural / Criminal Minds crossover: Defect and the sequel Hell and back, both by [ profile] kikkimax. Kikki, you did a sterling job as usual. Sorry it took me so long to read, but y'know, I don't read SPN fic, or Criminal Minds fic, damnit! I'm being turned to the dark side.
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This is an Aliens Made Them Do It fic, so there's probably a warning right there for some. Excellent writing (as always from Paian, who hits the character spot dead on over and over), real detail, and this is really a two-pronged approach about character (very much about character first) and about sex. ETA: Yeah, okay, coming back to this to say it's not 'about sex', there is a lot of detail in the sex, but it's about a whole raft of other things. At the moment it stops at part 34, but it's one of those fics where I really, really want to know what happens next.

It's written in LJ comments. Scroll down to find the first part and follow the links through. I'm probably making it sound hard to read, but it actually isn't.

Excellent stuff.
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Five fic recs, she said. Er, not so easy to pin down, but here's an attempt. Plus, I'll try not to duplicate anything [profile] sailorsueuk has already mentioned. If anyone wants to go back to [profile] ankhsign's original post (where she's gathering the rec posts), it's here:

TITLE: Power and Punishment
Senator Kinsey seeks revenge against Daniel Jackson and SG-1
Gen. This is one of those fics that's about the team, with a classic bad guy, a not so classic bad guy, and the kind of SG-1 luck that we see all too often. In SG-1 terms, this was written almost at the beginning (1999) and it's full of the reasons I fell in love with this show.

TITLE: Smooth Operator (part of the shower scenes series)
AUTHOR: Scribe
INFO: Gen. Just another excuse to get Daniel in the shower, and really I shouldn't be able to pick just one of these scenes, but this one really tickles me.

TITLE: Cat's Cradle
As Daniel recovers from a mission gone wrong, an unexpected source of healing comes into his life – but, is anything permanent?
Gen again. Mucho angst and beautiful prose written by someone who can get into Daniel's head in a way that's made me read and read and read this again.

TITLE: The Devil To Pay
AUTHOR: Jmas & Pho
INFO: Gen at its best, with Apophis, Aris Boch, kidnappings and hosts, oh my. Angst, team, Daniel-in-peril. All things I love.

TITLE: Rearranging Fate
AUTHOR: Redbyrd
INFO: Gen again. Redbyrd expands on episodes and tells us what happens outside what's shown on screen. This one is a wonderful look into the 'other' universe after the end of Point of View. What are the other Daniel and Jack and Sam and Kawalsky like? How does their universe turn out? How do they all deal with an Earth that's been attacked by the Goa'uld?


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