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Flights are still grounded in the UK, and across a lot of Europe.The news are reporting how many people can't travel, can't get to where they need to be, and maybe 5% of those stories are actually worth reporting. The ash cloud is expected to come back over the country and sit here for several more days, with no change of wind direction to take it away. Every so often outside tastes faintly of sulphur.

Still, it's a beautiful day. I'm going to do some shopping for things I need, and then probably sit outside with my laptop and notes and do some writing. No clouds (of the water-based variety) are expected above me today, so I think it's worth making the most of that.

woo hoo!

Apr. 17th, 2010 01:57 am
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500 words of actual writing! I don't care if its the middle of the night. Hah! Words!
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I bought a garden furnace a while ago with the plan to burn a whole load of papers that have been building up in boxes. These are things that I would ordinarily shred as they have my name and other details on them, but with so much to get through I figured burning would be faster. Wow. Never done this before, and boy do it get hot! I've managed to get through about a third of a box today, which had to be done slowly because of the flames leaping out of the top of the thingy. Hmm. I may try some more later, but I'm pretty smoked and fingers just on the edge of singed, and even so that was actually very boring. Have tipped a load of water into the thing and will keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn't suddenly spring into life again.

Going back to writing - much safer and more interesting.
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Writing, writing, writing. Want to keep the flow going. Tragic death of woman's husband. Couldn't come up with details - resorted to quoting Spinal Tap. Will revise later. It's lovely that I can amuse myself.

NaNo words!

Nov. 6th, 2008 08:11 pm
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I'm home from the office, which is about average time for me these days (8pm). But more importantly, I wrote words on the train. Actual words. Real words that were spelled right. 894 of them!


Yes, fine, not even close to being enough (I should be at 10,000 by today to hit the magic NaNo number) but... 894 words!
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So, it's going well then. Hmmm.
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So far I've managed to measure and cut the material for 4 curtains, and pin three hems on each of them. My knees hurt (I have a hard wood floor) and my back hurts from all the bending over the material. This sewing thing is hard but not in the way anyone mentioned previously. At least I know I can cut in straight lines. Haven't worked my way up to turning the machine on yet. Maybe tomorrow. Or next week.

Writing less successful today. I'll give it another go after dinner.
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This is apparently a fountain at a Japanese shopping centre. It makes words and pictures by controlling the water jets very carefully.

Also, I've written about 500 words so far today. Wrote about 300 yesterday as well as doing some useful thinking around the characters and the story. This is all good. Will write some more now, and then have a whole day tomorrow for it, plus some more time at the weekend.
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I want to write. Particularly I want to write the current novel and the not-a-novel I'm in the midst of. So why is it that the two fics I'm also writing are the things that are calling to me and tempting me like marshmallows dipped in hot fudge? Why can't my novel be calling in such an addictive manner? Phooey.

Here's the question: how do you make the thing you want to write be as tempting and fascinating as the things that want you to write them?
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Still, over a thousand words yesterday. Not so many so far today, but I'm working on it.
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650 words so far today, all spent in the Natural History Museum (don't ask). This is practically miraculous for me. I'm getting some nice character in there. Plus I have some more ideas in various places, so it's not just the words but the thinking and direction. Good details to go into upcoming scenes.

Break now, with tea and... well it would be cake, but I don't have any. Maybe a kit kat.
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Breakfast done. Kitchen clean. Architect meeting / measuring up finished. Computer / screens set up. Writing!

I cannot wait until I have my new study. I've been waiting nine years to be able to afford the new kitchen (I'll have drawings soon), but the secondary effect of that is I'll have a study downstairs. I'll have my nice big desk with space for my lovely pretty shiny screen, and for another lovely pretty shiny screen still to come. Add to that the whiteboards I'll finally have space to put up, and I may actually have room to think. Current building timeline: all done before Christmas.
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My car is nine years old. It has been making a bad noise for a while, and it sounded like an expensive bad noise. Not that it wasn't about time, considering the age, but still not something I was looking forward to hearing about when I took it in to the garage for its service and MOT today. Turns out it wasn't an expensive bad noise, only sixty quid. This is the cheapest annual service I've had for a while, in fact.

Have been out to lunch today, spent quite a bit of the day with my parents. Now I'm back, I've run all my backups on the computer, and it's time to sit and write. I hear words calling me.
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But which are better? Sometimes I can see the whole thing laid out in front of me like this luminous park map and I just follow the trails to create the story. And sometimes, like now, there's smoke obscuring it all; the odd breeze clears up a little piece of the map at a time, revealing people and events and thoughts, but then the smoke comes and when you see that space again things aren't like you remember them.

New people are waving at me, new things are happening, but I don't know where they fit. I don't have the size and shape of this story yet. My three main characters have faces now, which is helpful. Themes are there. The mystery is building up, but there are so many more questions than I have answers to.

This writing thing is hard. And my toes are cold.
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I wrote about 800 words yesterday, some of which might even be good. I wrote some notes yesterday, too. And today I've started by writing some notes, and thinking in a bigger space. I currently have flipchart paper and coloured post-its everywhere so that I can see all kinds of things at once. Just need to stick this stuff on the walls and I'll feel better. Am aiming for at least another 800 words today.

On the topic of new things, I've created a journal at InsaneJournal just because. Don't really know what's going on with LJ at the moment, and it's nice to have options. I'm here:
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Am writing. Or trying to. Ouch, it's painful today. I'm pining for a writing room where I have white boards and pinboards up all around the room so I can stick up character bios, locations, plotlines, post-its, and all manner of useful stuff up where I can see it. I'm having trouble thinking in such a small constrained space as my laptop. Maybe I should pace.

On the up side, two of my main characters now have more interesting jobs and lives. They have the presence, knowledge and de facto authority to get in the middle of the action without too many people wanting to know what the hell they think they're doing there. I have one more to deal with, but I'm skipping most of his scenes at the moment until he starts speaking to me. His job isn't the problem, I don't think.

Okay, back to pulling the rug and the whole damn carpet shop out from underneath my main bloke. Yes, sweetie, life sucks but it'll be worth it in the end. Probably.


Feb. 25th, 2008 01:00 am
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1400 words or so. Yay! I need to stop in the middle of a scene now because I'm too sleepy to keep going and I have to work tomorrow (oh no!) but 1400 words. Yay! My characters are speaking to me. Maggie's worried about Ben (in a purely platonic way). The plot is moving. And I have words, words, words. More words to come tomorrow, I hope, then more on Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday. Writing when the words come is a joy. :-)
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In my never-ending search for gadgets, I want something I can use to help me write on the tube. This is not a simple task, both in the fact that I can't read my own writing on a good day and the bumping of the tube makes it simply not worth the effort for pen and paper, and in the fact that what I want either doesn't exist or is out of stock. Yes, the entire world of electronics is out of stock.

My journey so far cut for those who've already passed out from boredom )

So, UK folks, when you shop for computers in real bricks-and-mortar shops, where do you go?
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Following Rynogeny's trail, I'm going to ask about PoV. I'm begining a new novel and it's in the stage where the characters are all new, where I have the characters who want to do stuff and the other characters who want to do other stuff that will foil the stuff the first characters want to do (it made sense in my head!). So, the protagonist gets a PoV - that's a given. The second protagonist gets a PoV because it's such a different perspective that I need it. Then there's another character who needs a PoV because of the information needed in the story, and to make it interesting rather than purely expositional it really needs that detail of personality. There's also a bad guy. The thing is, he could easily be written in a way that doesn't make him come across as a bad guy but he is a foil to both of my main protagonists.

But here lies my issue. At what point do you need to stop having different points of view? Many excellent books have only one PoV and the reader is satisfied. Many have several and the reader is satisfied. What is it that makes you decide that one character needs to be a voice in the story and another is only seen through someone else's eyes?

I feel like I need to give the bad guy / not bad guy a voice in the story to get across the complexities of the issue at hand, but at the same time that could easily remove some of the tension which comes about through not knowing what the bad guy will do next. 'Tis a dilemma.


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