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I'm watching one of the vast swathe of home makeover shows, and I'm always mystified by this idea that things are "in" or "out" for decorating in the same way they are for clothes (and, for this particular post, let's not get me started on my fashion rant).

I have a house. I decorate my house because I like the paint or the floor or the cushions or the curtains. It never even crossed my mind to think "ohh, I wonder if I'm keeping up with current decorating trends?" - why would it? How many people will be coming to my house who will have a clue what's trendy? How many people who have a clue will give a shit?

Plus, what is the purpose of having trends in decorating? How many people repaint their walls every year, recover their sofas, update their curtains, etc, to keep up with whatever the mysterious 'they' is dictating is now "the look"? Who has the money? Who has the time?

Am I alone, here? It just seems to be mystifying.


Jan. 20th, 2011 12:23 pm
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Okay, so almost warmth, but I have heating and it's doing its best to bring the house back to a civilised temperature. Images of thousands of pounds heading out the door have faded.
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Outside temp has risen to a balmy -4. Unfortunately inside temp is doing its best to equalize with outside. How long do you think it takes to change 10 valves?

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Today it's minus lots of numbers. This is clearly an excellent day to switch off the heating entirely, and drain the heating system to fix the valves.

I'm sure I had some marbles left earlier this year; the cold may have cracked those last few.

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Work continued on two of my luxuries today. My bathroom is currently a disaster. Everything's been ripped out and most of the tiles are off the walls. I didn't realise quite how much I rely on my bath for its relaxing and regenerating properties until just now, when I remembered I can't just wander upstairs and wallow. Oh noes!

T'other luxury which I updated was the mobile. There was another Android update last week, which I downloaded but hadn't got around to installing because I wanted to be sure I'd done a backup first. Ran the update today, and so far things are fine, some things better than fine (the email problem that was introduced with the last update has been fixed), and some things I've yet to assess (reports are that power management is improved, for example). I'll see. I really like this phone and its capabilities.

Also, apparently the Supernatural boys have been voted onto the cover of the US TV Guide magazine. I remember this being a BigDeal(tm) when Jack'n'Daniel were on the cover. I'm guessing it's still a BigDeal(tm) these days? The boys seemed very pleased, anyhoo. Though, whoever was let loose on photoshop should be fired.
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If I hear weird noises in the house at night, I get out of bed, grab the big metal stick I use to pull the loft ladder down, and go stalking downstairs ready to defend me and the cats. The thing is, there's never been any other person trying to get into the house. There have been other cats, a frog, a fox and the odd bird, but nothing that would need me to take a stick to it.

Am I just completely paranoid, or is this something other people do as well? Tell me, dear flist, are you just as nutty at night?
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After a short break, I'm apparently sorting again. I've filled 3 big bags full of rubbish and 2 full of clothes. This wouldn't be so bad, except it's all come from one room: my bedroom. I've done pretty well this time around, but I know full well that I can still afford to get rid of more stuff that's just been sitting around for years 'in case' or 'because it'll be useful one day'. I'm very close to the limit, though, where the only things to get rid of will be things that I don't wear or use but that I've kept for sentimental reasons. That'll be much the hardest barrier to cross.

What haven't I done? Pulled out the boxes that are storing things under the bed. Not because I can't face it, but because my back would have its revenge swiftly and decisively. After the week it's already had I'm not going to push it any further. A nice Lush bath sounds like the thing to soothe it, methinks.
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If all you knew of the houses in this country you had learned from homes magazines, you'd think everyone had masses of space and no stuff. I do wonder at times if it's true all these people have no stuff or if they hired some massive storage shed while the photo shoot was happening. Or perhaps they just moved their stuff from room to room as needed. Or... everyone in the country is in fact tidy and organised and I'm just not. Hmmm.

Also, those dinky little pamphlets they include every so often that are always called something like 'the ultimate guide to storage' make the assumption that people have massive amounts of space for this wondrous storage. Apparently the most important items you should get include:
- a stylish room divider that's seven feet tall and six feet wide onto which you can artfully put a couple of vases, the odd antique book, and perhaps a photo of Auntie Maud
- a stylish church bench with coat hooks above it and cunningly disguised pull out drawer to hold your wellies, and which should only take up half the space in your twelve foot wide hallway
- a delightful desk with charming cubbies where you can file the two or three letters you get each week from Auntie Maud and your publisher, and which costs £1200
- a lovely pull-out cupboard which can hold a couple of loo rolls and new soap for those bathrooms where there isn't space to put a loo roll holder on the wall (but there's somehow room for a cupboard...)

Of course, it's possible I do have enough space for some of these things, and once I've dug through the stuff that's still all over the house even after I filled an entire skip up in November I might rediscover that space.


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