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Today I gave in and changed the temperature setting on my phone's weather app to Farenheit. Since summer has come back it's now officially too warm for me to be able to relate to Celcius. It's currently 10:30 pm and the weather tells me it's still 72 outside - lovely night's sleep coming up, then. Tomorrow it's claiming it'll go up to 82. This is definitely summer. I vaguely recognise it.
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Today it's been raining on and off most of the day. I looked at the weather forecasts for my local area on the BBC and the Met Office - they both denied it would rain until late this evening. Nope, they said, it's just white cloud and sunshine. Sunshine? said I. Where? I checked again later. Nope, still not raining, they said, while I listened to the non-existent water drumming on the roof. I checked again just now and they've finally admitted it's raining. Finally. Heavy rain! they say. Well, I say 'they'. The Met Office say it's raining - they could hardly argue with their own rainfall radar (despite the fact they've been ignoring it all day); the BBC still says it's fluffy white clouds out there.

I really do wonder why I bother with these forecasts.
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It's been foggy all day and all night for the past couple of days, and it's going to continue tomorrow. I keep looking outside for fish.
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Outside temp has risen to a balmy -4. Unfortunately inside temp is doing its best to equalize with outside. How long do you think it takes to change 10 valves?

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Today it's minus lots of numbers. This is clearly an excellent day to switch off the heating entirely, and drain the heating system to fix the valves.

I'm sure I had some marbles left earlier this year; the cold may have cracked those last few.

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Dec. 20th, 2010 08:23 am
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My phone is telling me it's -13c at 8am. It's usually pretty accurate but I'm having a hard time believing that.

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New app - ljbeetle. Seems to be good so far, letting me pick pics, tags, privacy, etc.

And it's -8C so another v cold night here. Am going to have a warm bath before bed. Another week then time off. Huzzah!

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I have deliveries coming to me and also going out to other people. These are Christmas presents, so there's still time for most of them (except for the ones that I need to personally send internationally, which I need last week!). All estimated delivery dates were passed by last Thursday, and most of the tracking is telling me they're not delivered yet. Why? Well, a closer look at the tracking states each of the parcels is going via Scotland - Glasgow or Edinburgh or similar. I can only assume that there are just a lot of parcel delivery vans stuck in the snow.

I want my parcels, damnit!

At least it's not another volcano. Nothing had any hope of going anywhere with the volcano spewing.
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I'm sitting here in my warm tracky bums and a jumper, but it's still not enough. The heating is on. It's cold outside, and windy, and raining on and off.

And it's August in England.
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When I went to bed last night, the weather told me it was going to be a boring week, cold, overcast, a bit of rain or drizzle. Today it's snowing, and the weather is telling me it'll sleet today (thanks, actually it's snowing), snow tomorrow, snow Weds, snow Thurs, snow Fri. And Thursday and Friday will be heavy snow, probably blizzards.

Excellent forecasting yet again.
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Surely not! That's unheard of. It's not as if in the last few weeks they've changed their forecast every five minutes. It looks like we're saved from the forecast light snow today, and instead will be dumped on by the heavy snow tomorrow. It doesn't look like it'll be getting above freezing for the next week, either. Delightful.

Still, at least driving today should be easier than I was expecting.
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I apologise on behalf of my country for hogging all the rain, and not letting those countries whose need is greater than ours have any. If we could parcel it up and send it over, we would.
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The Met Office have confessed to making a mess of the seasonal forecast for summer. Again. But they're saying they didn't get it all wrong because we've had a week and a half of hot weather during Wimbledon. Uh huh.

Y'know, I bought a pair of prescription sunglasses because of their forecast. I figured since it was going to be such a nice summer and I was going to be able to sit outside, I'd want to be able to read and compute and do other things that required my eyes to actually focus. Without this great summer, I wouldn't need them until next March (going away then to somewhere that actually does have a summer) so could have saved up instead... Gits.
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The Met Office predicted a warmer than average and less rainy than average summer. They lied. The weather people predicted a sunny weekend, until it actually was the weekend when they changed their minds. I can understand them not being able to predict the weather a few months in advance. I can't understand them not being able to do it the day before. And, frankly, considering their 'forecast' for the current day is frequently wrong, maybe we people who have a vested interest in what the weather is doing could group together and buy the weather people some windows to look out of.
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Yes, it's true. Just to prove there's absolutely nowhere you can get away from it, sport has invaded the weather forecast. This evening's BBC weather was all about which balls would get wet (tennis, cricket, football, other) tomorrow. This obsession with balls should end.
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This morning I was woken up at about six by a massive thunder storm that sounded like it was sitting right above my house. This and the rain, rain, rain, and the cold is apparently what the weather people meant when they said it would be a good summer. Right now another thunder storm is sitting above my house, which is delightful.

The last time I was woken up at six on a Sunday morning by thunderous noises I thought it was bombs going off - turned out to be the Buncefield oil depot going up.

Thanks, BBC

Feb. 6th, 2009 01:20 pm
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It's nice to hear that it's definitely stopped snowing. Maybe I should warn them that a volcano must have erupted nearby as there's this white stuff coming from the sky.

Working from home today, unsurprisingly. Now to investigate what's for lunch. I'm very pleased I went out for supplies yesterday.

Also? Thanks, BBC, on the good side - Torchwood trailer! Woo hoo! Still no idea when it'll be shown.
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The prediction last night for here was right or wrong depending on who you were looking at. We got another couple of inches of snow overnight, but it started raining about half an hour ago so I suspect the snow will be gone quite soon if the rain continues.

In other news, I thought the weather had screwed with my internet as I had no connection this morning. Various rebootings later (of modems, routers, cable boxes) and I have a signal. No idea what that was about.
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Or rain! Or sleet! And maybe not lots!


Cold and icky - just say that and stop trying to get the forecast any more detailed.
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No trains, no buses, no anything really. I hadn't thought that even before I could laugh about driving the car down the really dangerous roads I'd have to laugh about digging the car out. So, unsurprisingly I'm working from home today. Cats have been out and deemed it cold and a bit weird, and they'd rather stay in, thanks all the same. I've been out and swept the snow off the bird feeders and little bird table and dumped a whole load of seed out for them. Not much to be done about the water dish, which is completely frozen. As it's still snowing I may need to do that process again later - have left my boots at the back door in readiness.


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