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Work continued on two of my luxuries today. My bathroom is currently a disaster. Everything's been ripped out and most of the tiles are off the walls. I didn't realise quite how much I rely on my bath for its relaxing and regenerating properties until just now, when I remembered I can't just wander upstairs and wallow. Oh noes!

T'other luxury which I updated was the mobile. There was another Android update last week, which I downloaded but hadn't got around to installing because I wanted to be sure I'd done a backup first. Ran the update today, and so far things are fine, some things better than fine (the email problem that was introduced with the last update has been fixed), and some things I've yet to assess (reports are that power management is improved, for example). I'll see. I really like this phone and its capabilities.

Also, apparently the Supernatural boys have been voted onto the cover of the US TV Guide magazine. I remember this being a BigDeal(tm) when Jack'n'Daniel were on the cover. I'm guessing it's still a BigDeal(tm) these days? The boys seemed very pleased, anyhoo. Though, whoever was let loose on photoshop should be fired.
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My mobile phone is excellent, except when it's BehavingBadly(tm). It's an android phone, and syncs with my outlook calendar / contacts, which is as it should be (I've been expecting this as a basic PDA function for about 12/13 years now). But twice now it's had a freaky freakout, crashed some process every time I try to sync, and google was not my friend. Last time (first time it happened) I googled a lot. The only solution out there that worked was effectively a factory reset, which was a pain in my arse. This time I googled again. It seems someone has figured out the problem must be corrupted calendar entries on the phone, and there is a much simpler solution: clear out the data from the calendar and re-sync. So simple, and it works. Huzzah! Have saved the tip for next time because I know full well there'll be a next time.

Time for a bath and bed. Long day at the office, but I made progress. Progress is good.
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I've been having a look at my online billing for the mobile phone to see what's what with the new phone. Trouble is, now I'm really confused. Previously, when I browsed the web or picked up email it was listed as "internet or data", which made sense. Now it's listed as "WAP", and the difference came on the day I stopped using the old phone and started on the new one. I thought WAP was too basic for me to be getting what I'm getting, i.e. full web pages with flash content, full emails with attachments and images, tube updates, google maps, etc. Maybe I just missed the point somewhere along the line?

*sigh*  It's late, I'm tired, and I've set myself a reminder to phone Vodafone tomorrow and get them to explain it to me. Their explanation on site is non-existent.
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It's here, it came, it's shiny! Yes, the new phone has indeed arrived, and I've spent *mumble* hours setting it up and figuring it out. It's intuitive, don't you know? If it weren't, it would take days and days to figure out. Had a few issues trying to get the email sorted out and that took some googling to find the settings for outgoing pop3, but we made it. Also ended up having to create a brand new google account just to access the android marketplace because it wouldn't accept my existing account which was a bit irritating. But generally it's been fine.

Also? By golly, it's fast. And shiny. And responsive. And loud! And excellent. And did I mention shiny? It's honestly surprised me how much zippier it is than the current old phone.
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I've had a couple of calls from Vodafone telling me I can now upgrade my phone. Firstly, that went awfully fast! Secondly, I was having a look around at various options and if I'm going to bother upgrading it will be to the HTC Desire, which comes out next week or the week after. I do like my current WinMo phone, but I've been reviewing the apps that I use at the moment, plus thinking about what I'll use in the future and also what's most important to me now that I have a separate ebook reader. When it comes down to it, I use the phone for my calendar and reminders, shopping lists, internet, photos and videos, email, texting, updating LJ when on the move, and making phone calls. My use of Word has plummeted since I got the Sony reader.

Benefits of the new one? It has a bigger and better screen, which is good for most of the things I do, better call quality, better wifi, plus as an Android phone I can get hold of free google maps navigation which is currently in beta (which would certainly sort out my recurring question about whether I should get a satnav which I'd only need to use twice a year). I need to still investigate things like sync with Outlook, syncing files back and forth, picture / video formats supported, etc, but so far it's looking good. Need to actually see one in the wild, play with it, look at what it can really do that fills my requirements, and tick off everything on my 'must have' list before I actually commit to an upgrade. Also need to find out what the heck Vodafone are going to do to the awfully pretty UI (they did some icky things to my current phone that I can't change).


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