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The patented old-amazon-box-with-bird-seed-in-it mouse extraction plan has been put into effect once more. Cat brought in a mouse. I've explained several times that mice live outside. It's really not sinking in. So now I have to wait however long it'll take for the mouse to feel safe and hungry enough to want the food, and to walk into the little amazon box. I feel it's going to be a late one.
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Me: Hang on, I recognise that noise. But why is it so much louder?
Cats: miaow!
Me: You know, I set my alarm. It usually works. I don't need all of this encouragement to get out of bed.
Cats: Lookee! New toy!
Me: [opens bedroom window, steps back to let the bird fly out at high speed]  When I said on Monday that birds live outside, I wasn't just talking about the sparrows. All birds live outside, including blackbirds.
Cats: ...
Me: [changes sheets that blackbird crapped on, feeling grateful it didn't crap on me]

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Step 1: ignore alarm clock as long as possible
Step 2: wonder what that noise is I don't recognise
Step 3: work out what that noise is
Step 4: get out of bed in search of the noise
Step 5: find key to open window
Step 6: open window and let the sparrow out that's been flapping its wings against the glass
Step 7: explain, yet again, to the cat that birds live outside
Step 8: breakfast
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I'm sitting on the sofa doing some late night work right now because... well *le sigh*. Anyhoo, I've got the ipod playing and the music just freaked the cats out. This particular song freaks the cats out every time, and I wonder if they think there's some creature in pain or if they think there's danger. If anyone out there has both a cat and a copy of Steve Carlson's 'Break Me' from his Days Behind album, pls to let me know if said cat reacts in any way to said song? You'll know when you get to the yowling section, trust me.

Thanks muchly.


Intrigued cat owner of London(ish)
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I was sitting in the study (study! I have a study!) doing study things when I realised I could hear a cat running back and forth across the bedroom above me. Ah hah! Only one thing would cause that, so I went upstairs and, lo, there was one cat and one mouse getting to know one another. I locked the cat outside the bedroom, and five minutes later me and the mouse were getting to know one another instead as I carried it downstairs and out into the garden. Mice may well be small and cute, and their little small, cute paws may be all light, and their fur is all soft, but wow, I washed my hands four times just to be sure. Cats are now locked in the house for a few hours to give the mouse a bit of time to find its way home, wherever that might be.

Nature is back where it should be.
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Buggering cats have brought a bloody mouse into my bedroom, chased it around for a bit, lost the little bastard then buggered off outside again. So there's a mouse running around in the bedroom, I can't find it, it's the middle of the buggering night, and i'm absolutely pissed off. So much for my nice long sleep tonight. Bloody hell.

And on top of that, when it drops dead from fright or starvation or whatever, I won't even be able to find it then because I don't do smelling - that function was switched off. What a delightful thought: rotting corpses in the bedroom. Fucking fantastic.

Pissed off? You betcha.
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Ick. Have chased the cat out after he came in with a mouse. Not pretty and not pleasant and he knows full well I'm displeased. I thought he'd stopped doing this - hasn't done it for quite a while now. Grrr.
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No trains, no buses, no anything really. I hadn't thought that even before I could laugh about driving the car down the really dangerous roads I'd have to laugh about digging the car out. So, unsurprisingly I'm working from home today. Cats have been out and deemed it cold and a bit weird, and they'd rather stay in, thanks all the same. I've been out and swept the snow off the bird feeders and little bird table and dumped a whole load of seed out for them. Not much to be done about the water dish, which is completely frozen. As it's still snowing I may need to do that process again later - have left my boots at the back door in readiness.


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