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Snow that wasnt forecast and the bbc arent even convinced is actually happening. heavy snow. heavy settling snow. a centimetre in the 45 mins it took me to get ready and in the car. but hey, if they say its rain, it must all be my imagination.
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Am sitting on the train opposite a bloke who's wearing a hideous shirt-tie combo. his suit trousers don't match his jacket either. can i assume he's colour blind or is that just a cliche and in fact colour blind people have no trouble matching shirts and ties?


Jul. 21st, 2009 06:43 pm
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It seems there's one upside to crappy trains. due to cancelled trains and suspended lines i have a carriage all to myself in the middle of tuesday rush hour. never would have beleived such a thing possible.
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Am going into the office today. it's pretty rare for me these past few weeks and it's a bit odd how much of this i'd put out of my head. it really is a miserable thing, getting on the tube and sitting with random people who you can't block out even with an ipod, sitting in delay after delay, uncomfortable and crowded. it's also raining again just to demonstrate this good summer that was forecast. delightful. being a commuter is lovely.
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It's hot on the tube. this summer is going to be warm, so they say. tube travel will be even more of a nightmare than normal. oy.
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It would have been great to be pleasantly surprised today. instead there are met line delays due to signal failure. gosh, who could possbily have predicted that?
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Dear person at my door with reading comprehension failure,

when it says on my door in clear print that I do not accept cold calls and do not buy at the door, why did you still knock? do I know you? did I invite you to invade my privacy? no. so do not be surprised when, after calling your attention to the notice on the door and you say "but I'm not selling anything today", i say "bye" and close the door in your face.

No love,

No no no

Feb. 2nd, 2009 10:05 pm
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"Unimaginable" does not mean "enormous". nor does it mean "complex", "unexpected" or "horrendous". Your use of it, dear writer, merely demonstrates a failure of your imagination.


Nov. 20th, 2008 07:45 pm
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I stopped off in oxford street to get some shooping on the way home from work. way too many people in my way (no shoppers, my ass). and it snowed. no, i didn't get it either.

hopefully will be home in an hour. late and tired. will be more tired by the end of the weekend.
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Generally work days are the too short ones, and thats because there's no time to do anything other than travel, work, travel, make dinner, have a bath and go to bed. it's wrong to not have any me time on work days. bah.

am entering the second travel phase of the day. bored now.
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Sleep is an inefficient use of my time. i didn't wake up on time this morning and am running late. not enough sleep, you see, and therefore failed to surface from the unyielding grip of night in time to catch my train. there appears to be nothing i can do about my hopelessly inefficient transition to wakefulness beyond being paranoid about it and uaing more than the three alarm clocks i have.

so advice please - what does everyone else do? how do you actually wake up in the morning?
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Am very glad indeed its friday. less glad i still havent figured out where the apostophe is on my phone keyboard. worked late last night then straight to bed. running late this morning for a day full of meetings. i get paid. this is a very important thing to remember at the moment.

how is everyone out there in the world? doing okay?


Oct. 18th, 2008 02:13 pm
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Sittiing in the theatre right now waiting for Phantom to begin. Thanks ankh!


Sep. 22nd, 2008 12:57 pm
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Trying out the mobile post interface.


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