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Excellent post at explaining to men why it is women often simply don't want to talk to them in public places.

Favourite quote:

" If you speak, and she responds in a monosyllabic way without looking at you, she’s saying, “I don’t want to be rude, but please leave me alone.” You don’t know why. It could be “Please leave me alone because I am trying to memorize Beowulf.” It could be “Please leave me alone because you are a scary, scary man with breath like a water buffalo.” It could be “Please leave me alone because I am planning my assassination of a major geopolitical figure and I will have to kill you if you are able to recognize me and blow my cover.” "
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Two lovely things to share with everyone today.

First, a video of Stand By Me, made up of street musicians around the world building up layers of music. I found it at Shakesville.

Second, man saves ducklings from falling off a roof. All day-old ducklings and their mum made it safely to water. Video included.
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This is apparently a fountain at a Japanese shopping centre. It makes words and pictures by controlling the water jets very carefully.

Also, I've written about 500 words so far today. Wrote about 300 yesterday as well as doing some useful thinking around the characters and the story. This is all good. Will write some more now, and then have a whole day tomorrow for it, plus some more time at the weekend.


Jun. 15th, 2008 07:32 pm
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Yesterday I got out the badminton racquets and shuttlecocks for the first time in years. About 15 years, I think. [ profile] ankh and I hit shuttles around in the back garden for a while, smacking bushes, windows, tables, running into things, and generally having an excellent time. Today my back hurt a lot. I knew it would before I started playing, and I spent most of today on the sofa in a nurofen-riddled haze. Was it worth it? You betcha. :-)


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