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I've been doing things that aren't posting to blogs of late. This isn't a great surprise to me, mostly because my focus has been quite inward and not outward, and not even inward in an outward kind of way. But I think I'm moving back into the real world, looking at things I have to do (sort out financey stuff, sort out housey stuff) and taking some notice of what's happening out there. Not that any of it's profound or essential to the continuation of the species, but it's little steps that are worthwhile to me.

Anyhoo, my conclusions about the year that's just gone are forming, and the first one is that I've bought two pieces of tech that have been really, really worth it. The first was my Samsung tablet, which was exactly what I needed, when I needed it, and has continued to be extremely useful. And the second (more surprising) was my xbox with kinect, because it surprised me with what it could do (not just help me jump around like an idiot), and I'm absolutely going to make the most of the jumping aroundness of it and also the media centre functionality of it when it's installed in its new home in the newly converted garage (which itself will only be a few more weeks in the making). Tech is fun.

I have more conclusions, but musing will continue.
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I'm watching a thing on Discovery called "When Aliens Attack". Cool beans :-)
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This kind of thing is always really personal (as in, each person has their own, not as in my deepest, darkest secrets). Still, I've had a few little things that have made a huge difference of late:

- I bought a couple of little thermoses that I use to take a mug full of tea with me on the train in the morning. The difference this makes to my brain and my peace of mind is entirely out of proportion to the scale of the little hot drink, but I'm not asking questions.
- I implemented the concept of a 'doing day' instead of trying to have tasks done every day. This means I don't worry on normal days that there's an endless list of stuff that still needs doing. Today is one such day. Am having a break for tea and t'internet.
- I have a to do list app on my phone that I use when I'm having a 'doing day', so I can tick off absolutely everything I've done - no matter how small - and feel much progress has been made
- Thornton's Viennese truffles. I bought some a few weeks ago and they're scrummylicious to have with tea. I've known that for years, but for some inexplicable reason I keep on forgetting they exist.
- Watched a 17 minute video review of yet another tablet simply to get an itch out of my system that I need one. It's shiny. I don't need one. More importantly, I don't want one. 17 minutes saved me £300 of impulse buying. Huzzah!
- Use of my amazon wishlist. I think I've mentioned this before, but when I want some DVDs or a book or something, I add it to my wishlist. I come back a week later to see if I still want it. Then give it another week. Then sometimes more time. More often than not, stuff just gets deleted from the wishlist.
- Also have created a 'to watch on film rental' wishlist on Amazon - if I have an urge to watch a film and have no idea what, I can check that list out.

Any wee things that work for you, dear flist?
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A little late on cat litter changing day this week, and ewww. Crikey, my nose is usually vaguely non-functioning, but... I can now recognise ammonia at twenty paces. Can't have been that bad until you were really up close, otherwise Ankh would have said something when she was round yesterday. I think. Probably.

The kitchen has been fighting back this week, too. Flame-grilled toasted sarnies yesterday (my oven is electric - this is not supposed to happen) and a beautifully shattered worktop saver. Those things are meant to be practically unbreakable. Gravity wins again and always. On the bright side, the floor tiles are completely unmarked from the grill and glass combo dropping on them from a great height.
Is that my three things? Can I go and have a bath now in the sure knowledge nothing else will try to attack me in the kitchen?
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Have just replaced a (supposedly equally bright, supposedly long-life) burnt-out low energy bulb with a normal one. I can see again! It's not horribly dim in the room any more! That's an experiment I won't be repeating for a while.

Also, if these new bulbs are so environmentally friendly, why do I need to call a hazmat removal team instead of just throwing it away?
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There's a reason one company decided to go with that tagline. This country's businesses are particularly crap at actually delivering on any promise they give. Next day delivery? Don't hold your breath. Expecting the same product in boxes with the same label? Don't hold your breath. Hoping not to be fooled by outright lies? Yeah, don't bother.

Would love to get through a week without having to chase some company or other for not doing what they said they'd do. Really fed up with it now.
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Tea all over me. Twice.

US folks are remaking Randall and Hopkirk (deceased) because they loved the classic Brit show. Except they're changing the name. And the plots. And most things. But there'll be a dead guy! Probably.

Mayonnaise and raspberry jam? That's not snap. Raspberry jam doesn't taste good with chicken. Next time, get the right jar out of the fridge.

Got about 4 hours of sleep last night. Hope to get more tonight. Won't be much more, though.

Can't find my chequebook.

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Work v busy this week. Me v unsociable. Sorry. Sleep now. Back soonish.


Nov. 11th, 2010 05:47 pm
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That's enough of shifting boxes around the house. Seriously. Ouch. I see a hot bath in my future. Right now, though, I can also see a lot more floor in the conservatory and in the back bedroom, so that's a very good thing. Also, I have more empty boxes. Huzzah!
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Bang, bang, bang, all week long. Just on and on and on, for hours every night. Right now we seem to be building up to the truly loud ones, which may stop by midnight, may not.

One cat is hiding behind the sofa, and the other is about two twitches away from joining her.
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Damn connection keeps going down. It'll be up for five minutes, then down for five, then up for two, then down for thirty seconds, then... well, you get the picture. My own computer can cope with that. My work computer, not so much. Damn network failure just keeps crashing the machine, and means reboots. Am now at the point where I can't do what I need to do because of Virgin. This is not a surprise to me, but it's frustrating. Again.
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At least, I hope that's all it is. I seem to be incapable of buying trousers that fit for more than a few weeks. Unless it's possible I'm now a couple of inches shorter than I used to be. Please tell me that's not it.


I know I don't usually care about this stuff but I've nearly gone headlong down the stairs a few times today because of flappy, too long trews. Maybe it's the washing machine. Maybe I sat in the bath too long. Maybe it's a curse by a pissed off unicorn.


Oct. 24th, 2010 09:51 pm
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I've been having nightmares again recently, which is always fun. Waking up repeatedly during the night because something's scaring you witless (or sleepless) is less of a joy than you might otherwise imagine.
Putting this behind a cut for the squeamish. )
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It's annoying me.
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Forgot to eat anything other than breakfast today. Will remember tomorrow. Maybe I should make a note.


Am going to bed.
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Last weekend I bought two new pairs of tracky bums. They're soft and fluffy and the most comfortable things on the planet. Why did anyone bother to invent other clothes once they'd invented tracky bums? What was the point? How can anyone feel bad in soft, huggy, fluffy tracky bums?

*happy sigh*
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Have you ever had a whole bunch of things you wanted to do (not had to do) and had so much choice you ended up doing none of it? Yeah, that's me at the moment. I have a pile of books I want to read (some for pleasure, some for learning), a pile of DVDs to watch, various bits of figuring out to do so I can enjoy things more, and all kinds of magazines, music, telly, etc on the list saying "me, me, me!". It's a wonderful position to be in, but at the same time I'm ending up doing none of it because I can't decide what to focus on. All these shiny objects are incredibly distracting for an ENTP.

Oh, hang on, the washing machine's just stopped. Must do something about that, then I can come back and stare at the bewildering mass of temptation once more.
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I was sitting in the study (study! I have a study!) doing study things when I realised I could hear a cat running back and forth across the bedroom above me. Ah hah! Only one thing would cause that, so I went upstairs and, lo, there was one cat and one mouse getting to know one another. I locked the cat outside the bedroom, and five minutes later me and the mouse were getting to know one another instead as I carried it downstairs and out into the garden. Mice may well be small and cute, and their little small, cute paws may be all light, and their fur is all soft, but wow, I washed my hands four times just to be sure. Cats are now locked in the house for a few hours to give the mouse a bit of time to find its way home, wherever that might be.

Nature is back where it should be.

I baked

Jul. 29th, 2009 02:06 pm
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Just because.
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I thought yesterday was Sunday. I'm very confused. Still, I had another lie-in today and am beginning to feel slightly more human. This is good. I feel as if I have space to do things that I want to do, rather than having an eternal list that's chasing me around day after day.

In other (telly) news, I've decided that SPN season 4 is my favourite, have just discovered that Ellen DeGeneres is on in the UK at oh-my-god-it's-early on some random cable channel so have set the series link, I think I like Journeyman but can see it will get boring very quickly and understand why it was cancelled, am intrigued by news of the new Flash Forward that's coming out next year, and have discovered that Legend of the Seeker is coming next month here so I'll give that a shot (though I have no real clue what it's about, but several LJers have mentioned watching it).

Still watching House (though more out of habit than anything else), Criminal Minds, Eleventh Hour, and now repeats of All The Small Things and The Amazing Mrs Pritchard. Have also ordered some films including Knowing and Sunshine, as they weren't expensive. Watched about half of W, and I really don't know what the reviewers were smoking when they said it was excellent - boring is how I'd describe it. Frost/Nixon was pretty damn good. Out Of The Blue (about a horrific shooting in New Zealand) was very good and matched the feel of the film to the subject matter, as well as being absolutely not a Hollywood-made film, thank goodness.


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