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A while ago, in an age almost lost in the mists of time, the news was overwhelmed by news of an erupting volcano. We knew every detail, had volcanologists and geologists and meteorologists and other -ologists (that people previously never knew existed) on the telly, the radio, the news, the internet... all telling us in fascinating detail about this wondrous and fascinating force of nature.

And then planes were allowed to fly again.

Since then, no news on the volcano. Is it still erupting? Nobody will tell us, nobody cares, it's apparently no longer interesting. Huh.
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It's neither big nor clever to report on the news in the present tense when the story is a year old. When you say things like "she goes home" and "he follows her", it makes you sound like an idiot. And randomly changing from present to past and back again mid-report? Makes you look like an even bigger idiot.

Just report the news. It's stuff that's happened. It's past. Please tell me you get that.

No love,

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Everyone (by which I mean the media) is going on and on and on about Prince Harry being in Afghanistan. Oh noes, they cry! Some meanie told on him and now instead of him being able to run around like a normal bloke shooting people he has to come home! We must talk about it incessantly because it's news, damn it! News! People care, and if they don't they damn well should!

Nothing about all the ordinary people who are working in these dangerous areas of the world. Nothing about the people who have died on either side of all of these conflicts. Nothing about how much money and effort has been put into satisfying one person's wants over the safety of a lot of other people. None of that. Just, oh woes, Harry has to come home and stop having fun being 'normal' and isn't it awful because it's a moral victory for 'enemies of the Queen'. What utter macho bollocks.

If Harry really wanted to be normal, then he'd put up with restrictions just like the rest of us do. Ordinary people are restricted by lack of funds, by family or work commitments, by illness, by lack of privilege (gender-related or class-related or race-related or otherwise), by disability, by lack of food, by lack of basic security, by tragic circumstance, by ridiculous laws, by petty rules, by bullies, by bosses, by all kinds of things. It's just the way life is in this world. So Harry can't be on a front-line without a massive cover-up and without huge risk to the people he'd be working with (or even not working with - others on the front line would be even bigger targets because from 300 yards they kind of might be Harry). Tough. Get over your privilege.
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The BBC news site are reporting that Prince William took his first solo flight. Apparently, while he's making an effort to pretend to be in the RAF (he's already pretended to be in the Army, and next he'll pretend to be in the Royal Navy), he's being taught to fly. This isn't anywhere near as common as you might imagine. Still... the BBC have reported it. I wondered what he flew, thought it would probably be a Tucano, wanted to check. There wasn't a single mention of the aircraft. Not one. This is what happens when you get articles written by royal reporters instead of real ones. For all any poor reader knows the bloke learned on a Tornado or a Sea King helicopter - only one mention in a quote that it was even a "plane"! *sigh*


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