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I'm sitting on the sofa doing some late night work right now because... well *le sigh*. Anyhoo, I've got the ipod playing and the music just freaked the cats out. This particular song freaks the cats out every time, and I wonder if they think there's some creature in pain or if they think there's danger. If anyone out there has both a cat and a copy of Steve Carlson's 'Break Me' from his Days Behind album, pls to let me know if said cat reacts in any way to said song? You'll know when you get to the yowling section, trust me.

Thanks muchly.


Intrigued cat owner of London(ish)
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Have discovered a cupboard with over a hundred CDs in it. Hah! I knew the set I'd found so far wasn't all of them. Did think I was possibly going a little bonkers for a while there, though. I'm sure I'll randomly discover CDs in boxes and cupboards and drawers for a while yet, but it should only be one or two at a time. I also discovered a Bryan Adams disc I was missing - stored in the CD case for a film score, alongside the disc that was supposed to be in that box. Don't know what that was about.

New ipod has arrived. It's bigger and heavier than I was expecting, but I'm very used to my nano so... Still, it has lots of space, and even with all of my podcasts and CDs and audio books I'll probably only use about 45GB in this first big load-up. Which means I'll have lots of space for future purchases. Good thing I didn't go with the Touch since the biggest one is only 32GB.
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I've ordered an ipod. I realise that doesn't sound like a big deal, but it's a change for me. I've got a tonne of CDs, some of which I've loaded on my PC over the years. I've now decided to load all of my CDs on, which is a non-trivial exercise, and load the whole lot up onto a full size ipod. I currently have an 8GB nano which I use on the train, while out and about, etc. It holds enough music and books and podfics and podcasts for me not to get bored, but it won't hold anywhere near my full set of music. So I've ordered whatever the latest version of the 'classic' is, and will get 160GB to play with. It'll generally sit in a speaker dock in the lounge or the study, letting me access whatever music I want to very quickly. I like the thought. I haven't gone as far as getting networked speakers around the house, but I suspect that'll come when I win the lottery (which is going to happen very soon, I'm sure). I did consider getting a Touch, but can't see what it could do that my Desire doesn't already, so no point spending the extra.

What I did find amusing is the idea that a 160GB ipod could "hold all of your media!". Er, no. Not even close. But it will hold the music (at least for the foreseeable future) and that's what I need it for.

Anyhoo, the plan then is to put my CDs in some storage boxes in the loft or the garage. I'll still have them, but won't need them to sit around taking up all the space they're taking up right now.
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Yes, indeedy, I'm listening to country music. I've had a fondness for it since I was a wee bitty thing, but never really went looking. I mean, what the hell would I know about finding decent country music?

So, here's the question: any of you fine murricans (or non-murricans) have any country you'd recommend to me? I'm listening to Kane's 'Live in London' acoustic album at the moment, if that helps guide you along.

Thanks muchly!
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It's making me download music. iTunes is just so very handy to click on when watching an SPN episode and thinking 'oh, I haven't heard that in years...'. *sigh*
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If anyone's interested:

ETA: Warning for spoilerphobes - there is an auto start on the CW page for a S5 trailer (the link you get pointed at by the above link). You may not want to load the CW page, but if you do then just turn your sound off first, and scroll to the bottom of that page and click on the orange button (trailer is at the top of the page). Then run away!


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