Dec. 17th, 2010 10:36 pm
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Oh come on, now you're just taking the piss. We don't do -9. And the snow is stupid and has really spoiled my week. If the Aussies would just send a few stamped, self-addressed envelopes, I'll post it to you. I don't want it. What's so good about a white Christmas when you spend half of it trying not to drive into other cars, people, curbs, lampposts, fences, houses, and anything else that's generally not even on the road you thought you were driving down until the snow got in your tyres.

Bloody white stuff. Go! Shoo!
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I braved the snow this morning to get crucial supplies and physio. Only had a few problems with not stopping and not going in the direction I was hoping for, but the car did okay. So all's well, and I'm not planning on going out the rest of today or tomorrow. But we only have a little bit of snow here - an inch or two, that's actually starting to melt so I guess it must be above freezing here at last. In a lot of places around the country there seems to be a couple of feet. Lots of people I work with have had real trouble, and are basically stuck at home now. Airports are closed, trains cancelled, roads closed, yadda yadda. I don't know when this snow is meant to go away, but the Met Office are talking about it being very cold and 'wintry showers' going on and on.

I do wonder if this is it now for the winter. It's started and it'll finish sometime around March.
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After a week of seeing pics of snow-riddled landscapes everywhere else in the country except here, it's now snowing outside. So that's lovely. It's going down to about -6/-7 tonight and colder as the week goes on. I'll just have to see what the world looks like tomorrow to decide whether I'm going to the office - fighting both snow and still-effed-up-post-tube strike timetable? Doesn't meet any definition of fun that I've ever seen.

Thank goodness for the heating. And hot water - my frozen toes are going to be best friends with my bath when I get home tomorrow night.
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When I went to bed last night, the weather told me it was going to be a boring week, cold, overcast, a bit of rain or drizzle. Today it's snowing, and the weather is telling me it'll sleet today (thanks, actually it's snowing), snow tomorrow, snow Weds, snow Thurs, snow Fri. And Thursday and Friday will be heavy snow, probably blizzards.

Excellent forecasting yet again.

The birds

Jan. 6th, 2010 01:06 pm
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I just went out to clear the snow off the bird table and the water dish. I hadn't seen many birds in the garden at all, but figured I should do it anyway. I'd barely got four feet away when the robin was there, followed by a dove who'd apparently both been waiting impatiently for me to do something. I've put out all seed I have left, so we're down to bread next time. If I can get into town at the weekend I'll pick up a stack more seed for them.

There's about 9 inches of snow here, and it's still snowing. Apparently there's likely to be one more dump of heavy snow this afternoon and then that's it until... well, tomorrow, if you believe the BBC, the day after if you believe the Met Office, and frankly I've kind of given up. What everyone agrees on is it's going to be well below freezing tonight and tomorrow, and will stay below for quite a few days (probably a couple of weeks). The snow isn't going anywhere, but it will be freezing solid. Delightful.
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Surely not! That's unheard of. It's not as if in the last few weeks they've changed their forecast every five minutes. It looks like we're saved from the forecast light snow today, and instead will be dumped on by the heavy snow tomorrow. It doesn't look like it'll be getting above freezing for the next week, either. Delightful.

Still, at least driving today should be easier than I was expecting.
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And it's settling. And it's chuffing freezing. I'm not amused.


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