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I've been thinking about changing cars for a while. When I saw a while, I mean a couple of years. I want something that's more comfortable for my back. All that means, really, is something that's high up off the road so it's a question of moving sideways to sit in the seat instead of down, plus is an automatic. Also, it needs to be petrol not diesel. Sure, there would be a set of other requirements, but let's get the basics on the table, find out what's out there and narrow things down from there.

So what are the choices? There aren't any, apparently. I looked at the reviews for what cars are worth buying and the only ones with auto run on diesel, which is a waste of my time since I'm not in sales and don't spend my life on the road. Petrol cars don't have auto these days, unless you spend vast sums of money.

So, that's the search over for a few years, I suppose. I have no idea why there aren't any autos out there, though. I mean, most people spend their lives driving around towns in this country, and the constant clutch-accelerator-clutch motion is at best annoying and at worst painful. I had such a simple set of requirements, I'm pretty astonished such things don't exist. Just... wow.
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The last time I bought a car stereo I was 19. Being slightly older than that now, I have decided I need a new car stereo. Not that I still have the old stereo, or even the old car, but I have what came with this current car when I got it 11 years ago. It has a tape deck. I've gone 11 years without a CD player in the car, and I've managed by having those little tape adapter thingies that has a cable on it and you plug it into whichever output you want (used to be CD player; currently is ipod).

So today, I stopped off at the car stereo place and asked them to explain what they had. I'm now (almost) the proud owner of a new car stereo that comes with ipod interface, CD player, bluetooth for the phone, bluetooth to play music, and will connect into the remote switchy things on the steering wheel that I use so much. They fit it on Sunday. What stunned me the most was that when we tested the bluetooth to see if my phone was compatible, it took about 15 seconds then I was listening to Lady Gaga on the speakers in the store. Considering how stunned I was, it's clear how behind the times I really am on this kind of tech.

Anyhoo, it's getting fitted on Sunday.

Also, have finally bitten the bullet and ordered a satnav. It's a little one, so I can use it when walking about too and not just in the car. There was a very good offer from one of the tech websites I subscribe to, and having looked at a couple of reviews I think this'll do me just fine.

I'd been looking at getting a new car but I really can't justify it (or afford it), so the new plan is for me to get a few things for the current car to make it better. Stereo - check; hands-free phone kit - check; satnav - check; something to give me a heated seat - not yet check but am looking; chauffeur - I wish. So that's car stuff almost done for a while.


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