Sep. 6th, 2012

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I've been thinking about changing cars for a while. When I saw a while, I mean a couple of years. I want something that's more comfortable for my back. All that means, really, is something that's high up off the road so it's a question of moving sideways to sit in the seat instead of down, plus is an automatic. Also, it needs to be petrol not diesel. Sure, there would be a set of other requirements, but let's get the basics on the table, find out what's out there and narrow things down from there.

So what are the choices? There aren't any, apparently. I looked at the reviews for what cars are worth buying and the only ones with auto run on diesel, which is a waste of my time since I'm not in sales and don't spend my life on the road. Petrol cars don't have auto these days, unless you spend vast sums of money.

So, that's the search over for a few years, I suppose. I have no idea why there aren't any autos out there, though. I mean, most people spend their lives driving around towns in this country, and the constant clutch-accelerator-clutch motion is at best annoying and at worst painful. I had such a simple set of requirements, I'm pretty astonished such things don't exist. Just... wow.


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